Sky Planter Hanging Garden - Small

by Boskke

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Keep an indoor plant that defies gravity with this unique upside-down Sky Planter by Boskke. Conserves space and water!

The innovative design of this planter allows water to be gradually fed to the roots, leaving no excess drips on the floor. A locking disc and mesh panel keep soil in place. 

The Sky Planter will grow a wide variety of common house plants and vegetables. We encourage you to experiment with your favorite varieties, but these selected plants will thrive in the Sky Planter: Anthurium, Areca Palm, Boston Fern, Ivy, Mint, Parsley, Orchid and Strawberry.


Size: Width 9.5cm / Height 13cm

Weight: 8oz

Color: White 

Materials: Recycled Polypropylene Plastic 


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