Succulent Planter Kit - 5 Plants in 17" x 7" x 6" Wood Planter Box

by Dryden Trading Company

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Liven up a table or windowsill with this attractive succulent planter box. This kit includes:

  • 5 healthy succulent plants (variety) in 2" pots
  • Just the right amount of special succulent potting soil to fill your box.

Box dimensions: 17.2" wide / 7.1" tall / 6.5" deep (will fit in most windowsills)

Why succulents? Succulents are fun and easy to grow, which makes them perfect for indoor growing. Because they come from parts of the world with hot, arid climates, they can tolerate the dry air inside most homes, and they’re happy with little more than a spot by a sunny window.

Succulents are easy to care for: They’re seldom bothered by pests or diseases, require less water than traditional house plants, and add interest to any environment.  They just need well-drained soil ... so water only when the soil feels dry to prevent possible rot!

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