T5 Vertical Lighting System

by Foody Vertical Gardens

Regular price $ 149.00

Grow Lights for Garden Towers

This system provides proper lighting for plant growth in vertical garden towers. Designed to help plants grow in towers in poorly lit indoor areas or during the winter months.

It includes two four-foot-long T5 flourescent bulbs, electronic ballast, fixtures, cords, reflectors and the support framework. The lights may be moved vertically up or down the poles as needed

Lights operate on 110 volt and are 54 Watts each. 50-80% energy saving over T8 or T12 fluorescent bulbs. Low heat. No noise.

Anodized Aluminum Structure: Support structure is made of anodized aluminum tubing with snap together fittings. Easy assembly.

PVC Structure: This less expensive structure option is made of furniture-grade PVC tubing, which comes in pre-assembled pieces that fit easily together - no gluing required.